Disappointed, once more

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I was cruising around iTunes last night (and got suckered, once again, into purchasing stuff, but that’s besides the point) and I came across the new New Order album I mentioned earlier. Unfortunately I have the sad duty to say that it was not exactly an album from those former Gods of Techno Dance who created such alternative classics as Blue Monday, Round and Round, and of course True Faith. It sounded kinda sappy, not at all dancy, and kinda just all around bleh. Now mind you, I’m making this judgement solely based on the miniscule sound bytes that iTunes gives you, but nonetheless I was dismayed. I was expecting to be lifted! and I got blah’ed.


Oh for those good ole days when I wore black lipstick. And eyeliner. And blush too I think…

I miss my drugs.

I’ve been a raging bitch for like a month now. And broke. And drugless, which explains the raging bitch part.

The wierd thing about “Dysthymic Disorder”, which is what I apparently have, is that if untreated for long enough, you start to buy your attitude. What I mean by that is this: You know you have no logical or even emotional reason to feel the way you do (usually irritable and snappy and such) but you can’t help yourself. You don’t remember how to be mellow, and go with the flow, even though you’re pretty sure that when you *did* remember it you seem to recall that you thought you were pretty damn good at it. But for now…all you feel is pissy. Except inside your head, way down deep, you muster up a chuckle here and a smirk there, but it’s too deep under the pissy shit to come out.

Where was I? Oh yeah..buying it. So this goes on for a while and you keep tellin yourself “I just gotta hang on, couple more days and I’ll get paid, then I can buy more drugs.” But meanwhile…you start inventing somewhat plausible explanations for your pissiness. “Well I feel this way cuz o that.” or “If so and so didn’t act that way I wouldn’t get all pissy.”

Go on long enough…and your entire life will crumble as you continue to buy your crap and friends stop calling, work gets more and more difficult…the trend could spiral out of control.

But not for me, pal. No way. I’ve seen this shit and bought it all before…and I ain’t gonna buy it no more.

Cuz I got paid. And the pharmacy mailed my drugs yesterday. So catch me in a couple days, alright?



Peace 🙂

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The power of the Blog.

From the first time I heard about blogging, I thought to myself sheesh..who would wanna expose themselves to total strangers like that? I would never

So much for that. Once again…never say never!

I find myself drawn to this strange way of mental exhibitionism. Even when I poke in, with really nothing much to say…I always seem to find something to say. Much like today 🙂

So I leave you with a picture:

Always take some time to cuddle up on the couch with a friend.

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A butterfly flaps its wings in Asia…

Not very surprising that the National Coalition of Anti-Violence announced that hate crimes against gay people increased 4%. That doesn’t sound like much; but combine it with an insane 26% increase the year before…

I can only attribute this increase to the efforts of conservative political and christian groups who are stirring people up against gays over same sex marriage.

I have to believe that thier intention is not to harm people. To make the country think less of a group of their fellow Americans. And yet, how can they continue to demonize LGBT folk and honestly think that they are not in some small way responsible? As a public figure whether locally or internationally, you are responsible when your words incite others to take action. If it is not the action you intended, you are still responsible. Humans are not that easily manipulated; oftentime the unintended reaction happens, and you as a public figure must temper your messages accordingly. So yes. It is your fault. You have blood on your hands. And all over the fact that you have issues with who other people spend their lives with. Doesn’t that seem just a little…strange? Don’t you have more important causes to go wave your flag at? Like….oh I dunno…maybe..war? poverty? hunger? illiteracy? joblessness? Get a life people. Leave these people, many of them who are honest, hard working, decent … just like you claim to be…leave them alone.

Oh, the Irony!!

It’s the second time I’ve said or thought those words this week.

The first time was far funnier than the second:

One of my managers is retiring after 35 years. He is very well respected by nearly everyone he has worked with, being one of those few managers who understands the value of his employees, champions for them, and maintains a high level of integrity. Plus he’s a really nice guy. It’s gonna suck when he leaves next week…but I digress.

One of the cakes that was purchased for his retirement party had some of those scanned-in pictures in frosting (at least I assume it’s frosting…it’s frosting right?). Now everyone knows that this guy loves going elk hunting. He spends two weeks every November (pretty much the only vacation he ever takes, it seems) to go out into the boonies and hunt elk. So this cake has on it these lovely pictures of these elk. Now finally the irony: The pictures came from an Elk Preservation website. Ha!

Ok I guess you had to be there. But anyway, now for irony part 2. I read a quote today from a Spanish cardinal, Alfonso Lopez Trujillo:

“One cannot say that a law is right simply because it is law.”

Wow! How true that is. There’s only one problem, and that’s where the irony is: Who is to say what is right? Some Cardinal, with eons of dogma and ranks of superiors to answer to, or me, who only has my own conscience to answer to?

His comment was in reference to the proposed law that most likely will pass in Spain allowing same-sex marriage.

So I say to all these states who are passing laws prohibiting it: One cannot say that a law is right simply because it is law. And any law that takes away freedom and villainizes Americans just because the rest of the country doesn’t agree with who they choose to spend their life with…to me that seems wrong.

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What’s going on here?

I find it interesting every day. This country was created because of one simple reason: religous tyranny. And yet, look at what is happening every day: judges, companies, citizens, politicians are all being threatened and openly or covertly convinced to further what can only be called the ‘religious right agenda’. An agenda of intolerance, hate and oppression. My way or the highway! This is NOT God’s America. This is OUR America. Mine and yours. So take your God out of my country.

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