A butterfly flaps its wings in Asia…

Not very surprising that the National Coalition of Anti-Violence announced that hate crimes against gay people increased 4%. That doesn’t sound like much; but combine it with an insane 26% increase the year before…

I can only attribute this increase to the efforts of conservative political and christian groups who are stirring people up against gays over same sex marriage.

I have to believe that thier intention is not to harm people. To make the country think less of a group of their fellow Americans. And yet, how can they continue to demonize LGBT folk and honestly think that they are not in some small way responsible? As a public figure whether locally or internationally, you are responsible when your words incite others to take action. If it is not the action you intended, you are still responsible. Humans are not that easily manipulated; oftentime the unintended reaction happens, and you as a public figure must temper your messages accordingly. So yes. It is your fault. You have blood on your hands. And all over the fact that you have issues with who other people spend their lives with. Doesn’t that seem just a little…strange? Don’t you have more important causes to go wave your flag at? Like….oh I dunno…maybe..war? poverty? hunger? illiteracy? joblessness? Get a life people. Leave these people, many of them who are honest, hard working, decent … just like you claim to be…leave them alone.


  1. MLium says:

    Amen to that sister! I’ve been sick of the Gay marriage debate since the first pompous ass-grabbing vote-whore opened his mouth about it. It’s even harder listening to idiots on the radio calling in about it because they’re upset that Gays want “special rights”. Yeah. Like the RIGHT to enjoy the same health/dental/insurance/transfer of assets on death/whatever benefits that we hetero couples enjoy. I can see why that would be considered “special”.

    A partner is a partner regardless of anatomy. It’s just the “big company” lobby trying to save a few bucks. Nothing ever came out of a politician’s mouth that didn’t start and end with either his wallet or those of the special interests that fill it. I just wish they’d be HONEST and say “we don’t want to allow this because it would cost money we currently don’t have to pay”. Don’t hide behind the Bible. Last time I checked Jesus taught tolerance and love of EVERYONE.

    Jeez. Now I’m all fired up. Am I gonna have to go start my own Blog?

  2. Morgan says:

    That’s RIGHT! I just got really tired of ranting inside my brain…it was starting to get REALLY noisy. So I figured what the hey, I’ll torment the rest of the planet instead, and maybe make some friends along the way (or get better acquainted with existing ones…and by the way, how exactly *do* you spell acquanted? acquainted?)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hehehe. Pompous assgrabbing vote-whore. I like it!