Disappointed, once more

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I was cruising around iTunes last night (and got suckered, once again, into purchasing stuff, but that’s besides the point) and I came across the new New Order album I mentioned earlier. Unfortunately I have the sad duty to say that it was not exactly an album from those former Gods of Techno Dance who created such alternative classics as Blue Monday, Round and Round, and of course True Faith. It sounded kinda sappy, not at all dancy, and kinda just all around bleh. Now mind you, I’m making this judgement solely based on the miniscule sound bytes that iTunes gives you, but nonetheless I was dismayed. I was expecting to be lifted! and I got blah’ed.


Oh for those good ole days when I wore black lipstick. And eyeliner. And blush too I think…


  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you tried Rhapsody? I’ve bought a ton of songs on iTunes (I really like the service and client software) but haven’t tried Rhapsody yet. Seems that for a monthly fee you get all the songs you want. Do you know what the single song price is? Probably $.99 like iTunes. I wonder how the software is compared to iTunes.

  2. Morgan says:

    Rhapsody huh? I think I’ve seen commercials about it on TV. I agree though, I really like the iTunes software. It has its limitations, but nothing I can’t find a way around 😀

  3. LJ says:

    Lipstick & eyeliner I can see – I picture a semi-goth like Morgan. Blush – not that just don’t fit the picture 😀