Me = Higher Functioning Mammal

Yes, I am a Higher Functioning Mammal.  To prove it, I demonstrate the use of Tools.  For example, consider the following item:

Medicine Cap

You may recognize this as an every day cap to a medicine bottle, which is entirely correct.  However, I, as the higher functioning mammal that I am, have put it to a new use: Laptop Airspace Gap Creator.  Because apparently, the approximately 1.5k I spent on this HP Pavilion wasn’t enough to get a laptop with enough cooling power to keep my NVIDIA graphic card cool enough, which creates some very interestingly – timed Computer Freeze-O-Rama.  At which point I lean on my power button.  Oy.

Seriously, are you kidding me?  I bought the bestest fastest uberest l33test laptop I could get for less than 1.5K, specced it out myself, and I can’t simultaneously run iTunes, do some video editing, and keep Tweetdeck running in the background?  Seriously?  LAME!  I mean, I can understand the crashing during WoW.  I mean…bad timing and all, that’s for sure.  “ZOMG NOO!  I was just about to kill that massively uber elite lvl 80 beeelion mob with teh dragon portrait that would drop my Bracers of Ultimate Mageyness!!!!  DON’T CRASH!!!”  /wailing sob of agony!!  Yeah no worries, I got over it.  I’m kinda over WoW as a whole, for the time being, but that’s another post.

What’s my point?  Um.  Any recommendations for a laptop cooler solution?  My medicine cap is getting a little melty around the edges.

It’s a small world after all!

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Amazing how such an unlikely thing as a video game can give a pop star from India incredible US exposure…in particular Daler Mehndi. The dancing seen in the music video for his song (I think it’s called Tunak Tunak Tun – I do know the album it’s from is called that) is going to be used as a model for the ‘dance’ animation for a new race of characters being introduced in the extremely popular game World of Warcraft. The result is thousands of geeky teenagers all over the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, China etc are passing around his video like wildfire.

Not that I’m a geeky teenager, but the …it’s just ….oh hell. Just watch it, and you’ll understand 😀

Let’s see you not tell anyone about it…

(The sound is a bit off, but it won’t matter.)

Daler Mehndi’s website