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Amazing how such an unlikely thing as a video game can give a pop star from India incredible US exposure…in particular Daler Mehndi. The dancing seen in the music video for his song (I think it’s called Tunak Tunak Tun – I do know the album it’s from is called that) is going to be used as a model for the ‘dance’ animation for a new race of characters being introduced in the extremely popular game World of Warcraft. The result is thousands of geeky teenagers all over the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, China etc are passing around his video like wildfire.

Not that I’m a geeky teenager, but the …it’s just ….oh hell. Just watch it, and you’ll understand 😀

Let’s see you not tell anyone about it…

(The sound is a bit off, but it won’t matter.)

Daler Mehndi’s website


  1. Caroline Lopes says:

    Hi Morgan!!!! How can you publish videos on your blog?
    Can you teach me,so that I can post some funny videos of Rukus?
    How are you doing?

  2. lj says:

    You AREN’T a geeky teenager?? Could’a fooled me!!