Me = Higher Functioning Mammal

Yes, I am a Higher Functioning Mammal.  To prove it, I demonstrate the use of Tools.  For example, consider the following item:

Medicine Cap

You may recognize this as an every day cap to a medicine bottle, which is entirely correct.  However, I, as the higher functioning mammal that I am, have put it to a new use: Laptop Airspace Gap Creator.  Because apparently, the approximately 1.5k I spent on this HP Pavilion wasn’t enough to get a laptop with enough cooling power to keep my NVIDIA graphic card cool enough, which creates some very interestingly – timed Computer Freeze-O-Rama.  At which point I lean on my power button.  Oy.

Seriously, are you kidding me?  I bought the bestest fastest uberest l33test laptop I could get for less than 1.5K, specced it out myself, and I can’t simultaneously run iTunes, do some video editing, and keep Tweetdeck running in the background?  Seriously?  LAME!  I mean, I can understand the crashing during WoW.  I mean…bad timing and all, that’s for sure.  “ZOMG NOO!  I was just about to kill that massively uber elite lvl 80 beeelion mob with teh dragon portrait that would drop my Bracers of Ultimate Mageyness!!!!  DON’T CRASH!!!”  /wailing sob of agony!!  Yeah no worries, I got over it.  I’m kinda over WoW as a whole, for the time being, but that’s another post.

What’s my point?  Um.  Any recommendations for a laptop cooler solution?  My medicine cap is getting a little melty around the edges.


  1. melissa lion says:

    Love it! Funny and a picture!

  2. Sharon says:

    *cough* MacBooks *cough*


  3. Morgan says:

    I had a feeling you’d say that, Sharon. I am actually considering it though… 😉