This is a spacer post.

Kind of like cleansing the palate.  Clearing the air.  Cleaning up the…erm, yeah, nevermind.  I haven’t actually written a blog post since… 

(pause to check date on last post.  March 21st, 2007??!  Yeesh.) 

…March 21st, 2007.  Yeah, that is a long time.  You know, there was… stuff.  And things.  And general unblogginess happening.

But I’ve lately been sorta surrounding myself with bloggy people.  Not intentionally, it just kinda happened:

Neato person: “Hey you’re pretty cool. ”

Me: “Yeah you too.”

Neato person: “What kinda stuff do you like to do?”

Me: “Mostly, play with my dog, work around my house, traipse about town with friends and neighbors…you?”

Neato person: “Mmm, I dunno, blogging is fun.”

Me: “No way, really??  I used to have a blog…”

And THEN, I went to this event called beerandblog.  I mean really, what more convincing do you need?

So, much like the spacer gifs you use to create a bit of space between elements on a page, (whoa!  Narrowly averted a geek moment there.  Sorry, non techie readers!), this post is intended to create a bit of space between the OLD and the NEW.  However, unlike a spacer gif, this post is pretty visible.  Example:

Spacer gif: [                                              ]

See?  Spacer gif, not so visible.  This post…visible.

Why do I not just start over, start from scratch, toss the old posts into Ye Rounde Fyle?  Well, I need my legacy, even if I’m the only one who’s gonna be looking at it.  Those old posts, they are all about me still, and my PDX Experience.  Oh, I’ve cleaned out the private and lame ones, and left just the cream of the crop, so it would be in keeping with the NEW, but…in other words, cuz I wanted to.

So.  Unlike my spacer gif example, I certainly hope that my future posts will be equally as visible as this one.  Here’s hoping.  Staytooooned…


Spacer gif: [                                             















  1. zippityd says:

    yay! =)

  2. Jen says:

    Ah, yes, the spacer gif. They drive me crazy, but are so useful. 🙂