What do you do when…

…one of your closest bestest dearest most down to earth and loving friends pesters you every time you see them for months to do this thing with them that kinda scares you because it’ll demand creativity from you in ways you’d never thought, and would probably be endlessly awesome for you to do?

You finally give in and say yes, that’s what.

Which is just what I did.

There’s still the scary in my future.  And the following through.  And the hard path.  And the pushing beyond boundaries.  And the not listening to the inner negative chit chat that I do when I start something new, which I’m doing pretty well at blocking out so far.

(Stupid negative chat.  I know I’m gonna rock this thing.  I have in the past, you see.  It’s just been a while.)

But all that is nothing, when you put it up against the look on my friend’s face when I was there, at the place, ready to start doing this thing with her that she does that makes her so happy.

She was fraking GIDDY with delight.  Seriously, giddy is the perfect word.  And that made me happy beyond measure.

I have every confidence that I’m going to do both of us proud.

But just the same, wish me luck, internets!


  1. Nita Burbank says:

    Well…what did you do? You can’t put this message out that you did something really scary to you and then not ellaborate! What’s wrong with you?

  2. Giddy Friend says:

    I’m still giddy today! I love how you love me and how you love you too! YOU DO ROCK!