Not until I give you permission.

And I absolutely positively CATEGORICALLY deny your request to leave.  I’m sorry, summer, you’re stuck here until I give the all clear.

And I haven’t sucked the marrow out of you quite yet.  In fact, I’ve been kinda sucking at the marrow sucking as of late.  Perhaps the hole is too narrow.  Perhaps my suction leaves something to be desired these days.  Whatever the case may be, this summer has not lived up to its glorious potential.




So I’m gonna need some more time, summer.  More time to lounge lazy in the sun, and putter in my yard, and be sexy at parties.  More time to go hiking.  More time to plunge the depths of cold mountain lakes.  More time to throw a stick endlessly for my dog.  More time for biking, and entertaining, and sunny days laughing with friends.  More time for barbecue, and eating dinner and drinking tea and reading on my patio.

So until I give you permission, summer, you’re not budging.  Suck it up.


  1. mediaChick says:

    Hell, if I was summer I’d be all “Omg! Please don’t be mad at me! I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!” But I’m not summer. And I know summer is a fickle, snooty little bitch who doesn’t give a whip that she’s let us down this year.



    I hope I didn’t screw us outta the last few morsels of Portland sunshine. If so…my bad. 😀

  2. John Metta says:

    I smell it. Every morning. That crispness to the air just before the sun comes out and burns off the dew. That’s not a summer lazy warmth, it’s an autumn crispness. It only lasts a few moments, and then it’s gone. But it’s there, and you know what it means.

    Suck the marrow deeply my friend, for my next favorite season is already upon us (Every season is my favorite when it comes, call me lame). It is harvest season.

  3. Morgan says:

    @mediachick I will totally hold you not responsible if the last morsels of sunshine are fleeting. Summer has been a fickle little bitch this year, and it’s all her fault if she thinks she can sneak out like this!

    @John I agree, every season has its beauty. I’m just not ready to be done with this one yet 🙂