Vegas Busted.

I’m goin to Vegas next week.  No, no, I have to go for work.  Yes, work.  No really, it’s a convention.  Of course I won’t be working 24-7, so there is the potential for some partying to occur, if it weren’t for one, eensy teensy little wrinkle:  I’m broke.  Really broke.  I haven’t been this broke in a long time.  I’ve depleted all my stashes that I feel comfortable depleting, and some of the ones I don’t feel comfortable depleting.  It really, really sucks.  Especially when I’m going to Vegas.  I’m going to Vegas with no money at all to spend on fun.  And I’m gonna be there for a week!  A week of no money to spend on fun things in Vegas!  Damn.

This sucks!