In with absolutely, positively no bang at all.

Ok.  I was planning on having this fabulous renewal, reentry, reclamation of my blogging existence.  I started with a bang, or so I thought.  Until the next day rolled around, and my video card went poopy dead.  Not completely, not yet, but more than enough to make doing anything on my computer painful.  Like trying to read something upside down through a tank of water.  You can do it, but really why go through the trouble?  Sheesh.

I forgot I had this handy little notebook, which has become my ‘backup’ notebook, lying around gettin dusty.  So I dusted it off and I’m gonna ride it hard like the bitch it is.  At least until I have enough dough for a new fancy dancy super hopped up on electrons-type video card.  The kind of card that makes gamers drool, in multiple orifices.  Yes I do the gamer thang.  Not as hard core as I used to, and not as hard core as some kids I know (and play with oy!), but I do like me some monster killin now and again. 

Anyway back to the card and notebook thing.  You’re prolly wondering why I don’t just ditch with the desktop and go with the laptop; but this laptop was purchased strictly for work, so it just can’t put out the way my gaming system can (or did until a few days ago).  The resolution is for crap.  The colors are wonky.  And the gamma is super dark.  In consideration for all of you who are read that and heard something that sounds like charlie brown’s teacher’s, suffice to say it’s just not powerful enough, especially in the visual category.  Plus I just spent 10 minutes hunting for my delete key

But I can certainly post a blog or three!  Let the revolution continue…and it will be televised!  Or at least internetized