Of politicos and prose

What a week this has been.

I mean seriously, people.  Half the country will remember where they were yesterday for the rest of their lives, for starters.  For me, this week has been…Momentous.  Thrilling.  Moving.  Confusing.  Thought provoking.  Surprising.

So how many blog posts have you seen about the Inauguration?  I know, me too.  Tons.  And I kinda didn’t want to just add to the Obama mania noise with my piddly two cents.  So this is just an amalgamation of a couple things swirling around my head, including (I mean really, come on, I have to say something, right?) my little Obama plug.  Call it another house cleaning post.


So without furthur ado…OBAMA!

That's my president.  Isn't he shiny and new?

That's my president. Isn't he shiny and new?

I recorded the exact moment in his speech where I lost it.  It was right about 10 minutes, 17 or so seconds into it:

“…to all other peoples and governments who are watching today, from the grandest capitals to the small village where my father was born: know that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman, and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity, and we are ready to lead once more. ”

…and queue tears. 


I’m resolving to get my carpentry on for Habitat for Humanity this year.  That’s what I’m doing, for starters.  What about you?

Also, check out my buddy @dieselboi’s post on OurPDX.  He was THERE. And he has PICTURES!


Et Tu, Sam?

Sam.  We're all disappointed.

Sam. We're all disappointed.

What the hell??  My twitter/FB community has been, well, a-twitter with the news of Sam Adams’ announcement, and the repurcussions.  So he slept with an 18 year old intern.  Big deal!!  (as long as he was, in fact, 18.)  He should not have lied about it.  Especially when he was asked directly.  He could have skirted the truth, but no, he flat out lied.  And asked Beau Breedlove (yeah, what a name, huh?) to lie about it as well.  Which says clearly, I’m afraid that people will use this against me because I’m gay.  So I’m gonna hide my gay (legal) indiscretions.  Sure, it may not demonstrate the best judgment in your personal life, but it’s your personal life.  Your record of service speaks for itself.  If you’re gonna be our out and proud mayor, Sam, be out and proud.  You broke no law.  But now, the city is clamoring for you to step down, because they feel betrayed.  I personally don’t think so you should step down, despite my disappointment. I think the city would be best served by you staying in office, especially now that you will do your damnedest to improve your reputation. 

Some fellow bloggers who feel the same:



Nao fala portuguese!

I’ve been reminded just how much I love Portuguese.  Such a beautiful language.  I remember the first time I heard it.  I was at a friends house, and she was playing some music.  It was in a language that at first, I thought was French.  But soon realized it couldn’t be French, since I couldn’t make out a single word.  Spanish then?  No, again, don’t recognize any words as Spanish.  Yet I felt so sure that I should be able to understand what they were saying, it sounded so…familiar.  Thus began my love of the Portuguese language.  Mostly the Brazilian flavor.  

I was also introduced to Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet.  And I heard beautiful words, placed in such a way as to make my heart hum in rhythm with the sounds.  Pitter pat, pitter pat:

If I could tell the future and if I knew all secrets,
and if I had all knowledge,
and if I had enough faith to move mountains,
but if I didn’t have love,
I would be nothing.

Eu tenho saudade.

I think I need to do something with those lines.  Like, something that will go on my walls.  I know, I’ll paint them, right on my wall.  In big fancy letters.  Big swirly fancy letters, that go across my walls.  So I can be reminded every day of the essence of my heart. 

See #7 for the reason why.


Ok, so maybe working here ain’t so bad after all.

I did a really hard thing.  I told people that I had made something of a commitment to, that well, it doesn’t seem to be working out.  It was a possible break up, and I was interested in someone else.  Or at least, something else.  I had to do it several times.  No one freaked, and I didn’t get fired.  Everyone was supportive, and understanding.  It was not painless (I do develop loyalties tres quickly.  Tres.), but they were at least conversations I could walk away from with my head held high, and no hard feelings, and mutual positive spin.  And it wasn’t even really spin, really.  I learned a lot.  No really, my brain is full of stuff, and I’ll take that with me, and be better for it.  But I have to follow my passion.  And even better, I was told I *could* go back, if I wanted to.

I can be a total geek at work again.  Joy!  Yeah yeah all you open source peeps out there, it’s .NET.  Yes, there is a bajillion hoops, some of them on fire, and politics and crap.  But I understand it.  I’ve maneuvered those roads, they’re familiar, and now that time has passed, they don’t seem so bad, in exchange for being able to be a code monkey again, and get PAID for it.

I haven’t decided for sure that I’m going back yet.  But I can, if I want to, and everyone knows I’m thinking about it, and it didn’t hurt (much) to tell everyone. 

I can even – maybe – be agile again.

A funny thing happened at work today…

…well actually yesterday.  You see, there’s this person at work.  They have been the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE for nearly two years now.  They go behind my group’s back, second guess everything we do, claim to be an “IT expert” even though they are in a totally non-IT position, and generally makes a huge nuisance of themself.  The kind of person, when they call or email everyone rolls their eyes and says “Oh, great.  It’s so-and-so.”  I’ve gotten to the point, in fact, where I will not even communicate any longer with this person, choosing to hide behind my supervisor (who lets me) and our business analysts (who think they can handle them). 

So what’s funny you ask?  Well..I’ve never met this person.  Not ever.  If I was standing next to them in the grocery line, I’d have not the faintest clue.  Until yesterday, that is.

I get sucked in to THE PROJECT.  I tried to avoid it for as long as I could, but I finally had to buckle down and do the work.  But I got it done.  On time.  Cuz I’m just that good.  Anway…the clients (one of them being this person) wanted to have A MEETING because they were confused over how to use my easy-to-use program.  I was dreading this meeting, because I knew it would be the first time I set eyes on THE NEMESIS, and I was concerned that I would not be able to keep my mouth shut, and I would say something I regretted.  Yeah, this person makes me that angry.  And then…

They were nice.  DAMMIT!!!!  I HATE THAT!!!!  They even gave me a hug and said what a great job I did.  ARGH.  I mean, that doesn’t change the fact that we were manipulated into doing this work, but still…I can’t hate them anymore.  And I’m pissed.

Ok I’m not *really* pissed…just…I knew that would happen.  I knew it.  And I mean, what does that say about our preferred methods of communication now (email, phone, email, text, IM, email)?  So much is lost in the technical translation, that what may very well be innocent or well-meaning or honest communication is so easily colored by interpretation.  It reminded me just how important, how necessary face-to-face communication is.  So next time you want to chat with a friend, or talk to a loved one…do it in person.  You’ll say so much more without saying a single word then you ever could with an email.

Been kinda quiet…

Been kinda quiet lately, I know. Not much of anything going on…we tend to hunker down and hole up in the winter, and don’t get out much. Several friends have had babies, and that’s wonderful for them. Not so lucky here however.

Our dog is getting worse…his lung cancer is back with a vengeance, and its’ almost getting to be a death watch. We went to the vet on Sunday, and only after extensive blood tests would they give us any antibiotics for his very phlegmy cough. He was feeling quite a bit better once we started that medication (on top of the two he’s already taking), a bit more energy, which is great. Before the vet, I would’ve said a month tops…now it could be a couple weeks, or 4 months, I can’t say. As long as he’s eating well, all should be fine…he has lots of treats to work through.

All in all things are low energy for me. I’m loaded at work, more so than many of the poeple in my team it seems. Of course, the more competent you are, the more work you get; and the less competent, the less work you get. Nobody gets fired in the government, no matter how little they do.

I’m just counting the days to Mexico. To hell with this place and everything in it.