Teh Slows – I Haz Them.

Halloo internets!!  I have a new theme, whattya think?

Yeah.  I know.

It’s slow.

S    L    O    O    O    O    O   W.

I can’t even say slow slow enough to fully capture just how slow my blog loads now.

No fears tho!  Thanks to the fabulous Jason Grigsby and his talk  from last year’s WordCamp Portland ,  “Speed Up WordPress: Make Readers Happy and Your Site Green”, I have this handy little tool on my FireFox called YSlow .  And I’ll be using it to optimize my blog so the SLOW WILL BE NO MO.

Just as soon as I have time.  I mean, you see how long it took me just to install a couple new themes to play around with? 


Still.  Here’s a short little list of all the plates I have spinning merrily:

And that’s just my projects.  I still go to martial arts class, I still work on the Eternal Project, I date people, I try to keep my dog well exercised and happy because she’s the bestest dog on the planet, I am trying to build a couple of DJ sets to shop around, and I still love to write using blogs for my various writing outlets (this here personal one, OurPDX, and now the WordCamp Portland blog is gonna need some loves from me.)

Oh yeah, and work. 

So, busy.

I could use some help with that stuff, you know.  If you’re not doing anything.  Stuff like:

  • Recommending great local bands who’d like to play the 30 Hour Day 2 Variety Show on July 3rd
  • Volunteering for some core responsibilities for WordCamp Portland
  • Mow my front yard

Ok I was kidding about the yard one.

Mostly kidding.

Also, just so you know – lolcats  might be taking over my brain.  If my posts start to become a bit gibberishy-make that more gibberishy than usual-please send a couple dogs, or cat exterminator, to save me and my dog from the lolcats.

Ok, so am I a writer *now*?

I’m excited.



Giddy!  (yeah I know, I used that word again.  It’s a rare occurrence, really.)

In fact, if you could hear the chatter inside my head, it would sound something like this:

“omg omg omg omg omg omg omg yay!!!”

Pretty much that’s it.

So.  I guess you’re wondering why I’m all hyped up, happy, bouncing off stuff and…stuff.  Are you?  Really?

Ok.  I’ll tell you.

You ready?

Maybe you should sit down first.  I’ll wait.


Sitting?  Ok.

<deep breath>


I’m one of the newest writer/bloggers for OurPDX.net.

Allow me to give you a moment to just let that sink in.



Pretty damn, my friends.  Pretty damn.

No worries about my slacking off on blogging here though.  OurPDX.net is all about Portland, so my PDX-type posts will be drifting over in that direction, but there’s oh so much more stuff I blog about than that.  I’ll let you know when I post over there, so you can hop over there and check it out too.  No worries!

In fact, check out my VERY FIRST POST, about how our own dear Mayor Sam forgot about bikes for the storm response survey they did last month.  Unbelievable, but true.

One final thought: