Just Fucking Get It Done.

So I know I’ve been kinda quiet lately.  But this is not where I tell you ‘Oh I’ve been busy’ (I have) or ‘I just haven’t had much to say lately’ (I haven’t). 

See, everyone’s talking about this health care thing.  And me, I was all revved up here to give you my two cents about it.  Until I found out that a friend of mine, well she pretty well summed up what I wanted to say.  So, I’ll just share her words with you, my ever faithful readers.

All I will add is this:  The current system does not keep our country healthy or help us when we are sick to get better.  The current system just makes insurance companies wealthy.  So instead of regurgitating the shit that you’ve been force fed without actually using your brain, let’s work together and get this shit fixed.  Once and for fucking all.  For fuck’s sake.  This is not about political ideology.  This is about me, paying doctors, to keep me healthy and heal me when I’m sick.  Don’t distort the issue by bringing ideology into it.

Health Care Debate: Doing it Wrong