There’s this girl named Jessica.  She cooks me homemade lunches once a week, and delivers it to me on her bike.  It comes in a cute little homemade lunch bag, in repurposed glass containers with actual silverware and a soft cotton napkin.  She tucks sweet little thoughts on a piece of paper in my lunch. 

No, she’s not my new girlfriend.  She runs a little business called Yummy Box Lunches by Jessica.

I’d post her info, but…I might get jealous.  I mean, there’s only so much room in her little bike trailer, right?

Here’s my lunch from last week.  Try not to drool on the screen, ok?

Yummy Box Lunch.  Nom nom nom!

Green salad w/blue cheese stuffed chicken breast & honey mustard dressing, polenta cakes w/parmesan & truffle oil, hazelnut & candied ginger chew.

Closeup of the main dish.  YUMMY.

What did I say about not drooling? Get your own Yummy Box Lunch!


  1. Dan Smith says:

    Do you have the phone number or info about Yummy box lunches? I’ve got a $150 gift certificate from her business and she’s out of business now. Any help? Thanks!

  2. Morgan says:

    Sorry Dan, I think she decided she was done making yummy lunch boxes for us. Jessica went back to teaching and had a baby, and I haven’t heard from her in ages.