Do you know what happens when you leave a fish too long in an elevator?

You don’t??

Well here’s a clue:

Fish is biodegradable.

That means it rots!

Ah, the Jazz Butcher.  Love that band.

Seriously, though, do you know what happens when you leave a cell phone too long in a fish?  Apparently nothing!

Personally, I’ve never never had my cell phone swallowed by a 25 pound cod.  I have, however, lost it in the fall, and found it again after the snow melted in spring, plugged it into the charger and have it turn on, just like that.  In fact, I gave it to a friend, and she’s still using it.  It’s a Samsung, in case you’re wondering.

Granted, unless you beat on the things, there’s really not too much that can go awry.  But it’s still pretty amazing.