When Hawks Attack!!!!

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It’s fairly common knowledge at the building where I work that we have a family of resident redtail hawks that live there. This year, one of my coworkers has a website where he posts all the pictures that he’s been taking of the family and thier little new arrival. People for the most part are really good about keeping their distance and letting the little family be, but the other day a guy who works just around the cubicle bend from me was outside on the balcony checking out the baby from a distance, when the dad came swooping down and attacked him! Apparently it was quite the event, since the whole floor talked about it all day. I, sadly, was out at lunch. Well, no not really sadly. Thankfully is more like it, cuz then I didn’t have to endure the whole office going on and on for an hour about the ‘incident’.

Anyway check out the site. It’s really quite cool, and he’s gotten some absolutely fantabulous shots of the baby and his first steps…or swoops!