Memorial Day Conundrum!

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This past Memorial Day, I was graced with quite a few options to fill my holiday weekend. I was going to be on my own, T being up at the races in Vancouver BC, and I was determined!! to not spend it at home in front of my computer playin games all weekend. But which one? When the cards where down, I had three options:

1. Drive the Komfort Kastle up to Olympia to spend the weekend with some great friends who I hadn’t seen since last fall. Location: swell little lake house. Food: Awesome pot lucks for every meal. Fun stuff: jet skis and dock fishing and a chance at some cribbage redemption!

2. Spend the weekend up at a campsite with our usual camping buddies. Location: nice little campground up by mt st helens. Food: mostly bring your own, some pot luck possibilites. Fun stuff: lots of cribbage and dice possibilities, and of course playing fetch with the pup and her buddy Jack.

3. The third and final option came at the last minute, Thursday before the weekend. A friend of mine, through some unfortunate circumstances, ended up with an extra ticket to see Nine Inch Nails with Bauhaus. /gasp /choke /choke /gasp!! Forget location, it don’t matter! Food? I’ll eat dirt! (no really I probably will) Fun stuff??? OMG it’s NIN and Bauhuas for chrissake!!!!

Now, you may be thinking that I went with option number 3. And really, I was weighing the options up until the last minute (or would have if I could). But I actually ended up going with option number 1, for the simple reason that it would get me out of the house for the whole weekend. Being that I was gonna be alone at home, I wanted to spend as little time there as possible. Sometimes I like being alone at home. Most of the time I don’t, especially overnight. Also, the other two options would have been far more entertaining for the pup.

The weekend turned out to be a bit stressful, not the relaxing getaway I was hoping for…mostly because of that little stinker I have for a dog. She was a bit…trying. But regardless, I met some nice new people, got to see some great friends, and had awesome food (mmm Thai beef salad rocks!). So although the weather did end up being uber crappy all weekend, it wasn’t a total letdown.

A side note on the irony of this situation…Many years back, when I was pretending to go to college in Syracuse NY, a friend of mine came up to me one day and said “hey guess what, there’s this cool new band playing tonight at so and so club, wanna come and check them out? It’s only 5 bucks to get it!” I turned him down, thinking that some new college band puking on stage wasn’t my idea of a good time. The band? Nine Inch Nails.

Yeah, I’m still kicking myself.