Thoughts for the day

I’m trying to buy a car.

So I found this awesome little deal. It was perfect; right options, right price, right miles, even the right colors. I drive an hour away to meet the guy (I asked him to meet me halfway, but it turned out to be more like 4/5ths of the way for me). The test drive goes really well, until we start talking about the title. Turns out is has a ‘Branded’ title, whatever that means. So, still hopeful, I go home and call him with the fax number for my credit union, who I’m getting a loan from. I ask him for the VIN number so I can run a carfax on it, and wouldn’t you know it – it has a junk title. Apparently it was in a bad wreck back in April – only 6 months ago. WTF???????

Could’ve saved me a lot of time and effort if I just asked about it beforehand. >< I think it should be mandatory to state if a car has a questionable title in any advertisement listing. Otherwise, you end up wasting your entire night for nothing. Phooey.


  1. Cevin says:

    What happened to your little del Sol?

  2. Morgan says:

    Ah, my little del sol. I loved that car. I smushed it good tho. I was trying to find a store at one of the bazillion strip malls in Vancouver and didn’t notice the car in front of me had come to a dead stop. Smush. I replaced that with a slighly older Honda Accord, but it’s pushing 160K miles and I feel the need for an upgrade. There was an old Buick in there for a short period of time, but I HATED it and would run at the side of it and do flying kicks in the door when it would break down. So I choose to forget that it ever happened 😀

  3. Mark says:

    You smart woman. It’s a bummer that you wasted your time, but at least you didn’t waste your money!