Early Mornings of a Northwest Night Owl

So, now my job has moved. I used to work in a nice mellow small office, a state away (well, 12 miles) from Headquarters, 2 miles from my house, where I could waltz in anytime between 8 and 9ish. From the moment I left work in the afternoons to the moment I walked in my house, never topped 5 minutes, unless I had errands to run.

But now that is ALL different. The powers that be decided that I should increase my commute time by an hour on average, take a 10% pay cut due to the fact that I now have to pay state taxes to a state I don’t live in and increase my stress level exponentially – and all for the good of the agency. Phooey I say!

Well, in defense of this, me and my fellow movees decided to form a carpool to battle the insane cost of gas and other increased transportation costs. All well and good, you say. Riiiiight. The problem is these fine people decided that they want to leave – LEAVE – for work at 6:45. AM. In the morning.


Now remember, I’m used to waking up around 7-7:30 at the earliest. And they want to leave BEFORE that. What planet are they from? I’m a night owl! I’m used to staying up until midnight, fiddling with this and poking at that, until I can no longer keep my eyes open. This is normal. Waking up at 5am is NOT.

So now it’s been two days of waking up early.

And crap now they’re all looking over my shoulder. So I’ll comment on my opinions of waking up early tomorrow….


  1. Eli says:

    Can’t complain about them reading over your shoulder when you are posting it live on the web for all to see- they could read it behind your back- with your permission! But that’s not my point. You CAN make the shift- and do all that tinkering in the morning- when things are less crowded anyway. Anyway, when are we doing lunch? ANd what’s up for friday? and how come you won’t move poker? don’t you love me anymore?

  2. Morgan says:

    Yay you figured it out!!

    Now it’s one thing to write about stuff and have the people you’re writing about read it later…it’s another when they are physically standing behind you reading what you write as you write it and giving commentary…

    Not gonna be there Friday. And October is SOO booked up already, that’s the only weekend we have free. Of course we love you dork!

  3. Anonymous says:

    We are home early so you can tinker and poke til your hearts content from 4:00pm on 😀