Early Mornings of a Northwest Night Owl continued…

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So, to continue. In all honesty, yesterday I was going to say that it just might…MIGHT… be possible that getting up early like that could be ok. But that was yesterday. These early mornings are starting to wear me down. I’m plain exhausted today, despite getting nearly 8 hours of sleep. And it’s more than just the early mornings…it’s the commuting. Having to commute back and forth through rush hour traffic almost every day seems to create a subtle shift in my quality of life. Before this move, I could go home for lunch if I wanted and relax on my back deck. If I wasn’t feeling well I could go home without affecting the work schedule of 2-3 other people as well.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s not so much the traffic and commute time, but the fact that I am no longer free to come and go as I please; I have to consider at least two other people as well. And that’s on the weeks when I’m driving. The other weeks, I’m essentially trapped at work.

But what’s the alternative? Spending probably a third more time in traffic, and a lot more money in gas. Considering my reduced income thanks to the taxes I now have to pay, the gas savings helps. So I don’t know…there’s pros and cons to this whole situation, and things need to settle for a bit before I can tell how much this will affect things. But until then, I’m freakin’ tired!


  1. Anonymous says:

    You forgot the pro of the AWESOME company you keep during said carpooling commutes.
    another thing wearing you down is the happiness nazi making you work out on your lunches – Get ready to Cycle-Shape your way into happiness!!

  2. Morgan says:

    Curse you happiness nazi!!!! Curse you and the Subaru you drove in on!

  3. LJ says:

    Got a new ride today – MUCH MUCH more comfy…. Stay tuned for news 😀