Elephants vs Donkeys

From what I remember of my US History class in high school, the major difference between Republicans and Democrats was how much power the federal government was granted. Republicans favor less power, with more power going to the states; Democrats prefer the opposite. With that in mind, I realize that if that were still truly the only difference, I would be a Republican. But that is not the only difference as I see it. Republicans are completely controlled by religious right and big corporate agendas. Democrats are completely controlled by liberal agendas. What they both have forgotten is that they do not answer to the church. They do not answer to whichever business has and donates the most money. They do not answer to radical fringe groups, be they left or right. They answer to the people. They are entrusted to do what is right for the people, in the eyes of the people.

I’m tired of trying to choose the lesser of two evils. They’re both still evil, and their relative standing does nothing to change that.

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