Home sweet home

I flew to Boston today to spend Thanksgiving with my family – my brother and his wife, and my mom.  It was a rough flight; a disturbing red eye from pdx to ny, layover in ny for about 2 hours and then a short hop to boston.  I was not too keen on the idea that I had to have a layover just so I could take a 45 minute flight from ny to boston, but a funny thing happened.

I landed in ny about 40 minutes late, stepped out of the plane and into JFK international, one of two airports in new york.  NYC, my hometown.  A place I haven’t been to since 1998, well before September 11th and all its insanity.  I stepped foot in my hometown, and felt my heart break.  At the same time, it felt good to be home, even tho it was in an airport I don’t remember ever stepping foot in (I think we always went to LaGuardia) and I was only there for about half an hour.

So to start off my next blog post…I’m thankful I had a layover in NY today.

Image Destruction

Somewhere along the road, I seem to recall being told that while I did spend the first part of my childhood living in Queens, I was born in a hospital in Brooklyn called Boulevard Hospital which was no longer in business. Apparently this is a complete falsehood! Imagine my chagrin when I found out that I was not born in Brooklyn, but in Queens where my parents already lived! (Really that does make more sense when you think about it, but I never did.) A tiny, probably somewhat unimportant misconception, but I based a full half of my entire subtitle of this blog on that fact! Somehow, “born in Queens, living in the ‘Couv” doesn’t roll of the tongue quite as nicely. And now I can no longer say “That’s where I’m from!” when someone gets a strike on the “wrong” or “Brooklyn” side anymore! (for those of you that don’t know, that’s a bowling term. Yes, I bowl. Don’t hate me for my 136 average… /duck)


So you can see how a tiny portion of my self-image has been shattered. However will I go on??

Somehow I think I may be able to put this behind me. I bet a trip to Coldstone would do the trick…

And this, dear readers, is where you come in. Now don’t disappoint me! I need some suggestions on a new subtitle for my blog. Let the ideas flow…