This month has been…trying. I’ve had more time off this month than I have in a while, and yet I feel exhausted. Holidays have always been about spending time with people I care about, relaxing, and being generous with whatever money I have at the time. Now it seems to be all about responsibilities…we have to go here, we have to see them, we have to do this, etc. That’s just not fun, and certainly not relaxing. So I enter the new year feeling tired, and grumpy, and altogether miserable, if you add my professional situation to the mix. I’m desperately looking for a change, and I don’t see any opportunities.

Usually this is the time where you sit down and take a look at the past year, at its ups and downs, and see if there are any lessons to take with you. I would like to do that…but I’m just too dang drained at the moment. It will just have to wait..probably until later this week.

I do hope that your holidays went off better than mine.