Goodbye Jasper

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Nothing like a week in Mexico enjoying sun and surf to put things in perspective for you! We of course had a wonderful time, despite having to put Jasper down the night before we left.

That was really hard, even more so considering that day he was doing pretty well all things considered. But we’d been noticing that he was taking two steps back, one step forward for the past few months, and overall his condition had worsened quite a bit at that point. We could either keep him doped up on codeine as a cough suppressant, which completely wiped away his appetite; or keep him off the codeine, and instead of watching him lose weight quickly, we could have him cough up blood and have awful hacking fits that lasted longer and longer. And towards the end, the codeine was becoming less and less effective. So we fed him lots of mac and cheese, and cooked him up a couple steaks, gave him everything he even thought he wanted for two months. Here’s to you Jasper!