Geek Life

This is for all my geeky techy friends out there.  You know how it is, being the most tech savvy one in your circle of friends and family.  You know.  You know the frustration and agony of wanting to send a copy of xkcd’s Tech Support Cheat Sheet to everyone who’s ever called you to help them fix their laptop/printer/desktop/modem/router/vibrator.  But some days, you are invited for a peek into the most amazingly fabulously outrageous events in your friends’ and family’s life.  I submit to you the following interchange between myself and a very dear but perpetually tech unsavvy friend of mine which happened earlier today:

non-techy friend: Do you have an extra keyboard? I put mine in the dishwasher and i think it is dead 🙁

me: You’re not kidding, are you.

ntf: You must learn to be more loving and patient with your short bus friends.

m: Excuse me while I laugh at you for a few minutes.

ntf: No problem.  I can wait.

m: Ok now put it in the fridge for a day or so and then try it again.

ntf: I said short bus, not mini cooper.  Now you are just messing with me.  ‘Here, <friend’s name redacted to protect the innocently untechy>, try this!’ then some more laughing with your big smarty pants computer smarties.


I honestly can’t say what would possess anyone to look at a keyboard and think it is a worthy prospect for a trip through caustic detergents and super heated waves of water.  I would no sooner put my phone, or my television, or …well, my laptop in the dishwasher than the keyboard.  But this story does have a happy ending:  I did in fact have an extra keyboard – a wireless one, in fact – and the super clean yet unfunctional one is hopefully drying out in the fridge.

So a word of warning, everyone!  DO NOT PUT KEYBOARDS IN THE DISHWASHER.

One crrrrrrraaaaazy night!

I am so exhausted.

Went to a friend’s 40th birthday party last night at the Boiler Room. It’s a tradition that we go there for her birthday, and sing karaoke, and watch the other karaoke stars and disasters, and just have a dang good time. Other traditions that occur on this occasion:

1. My friend will get totally plastered.
2. She will start flirting with everyone.
3. She will stand out on the sidewalk doing crazy physical feats that no one in her condition (trashed) should EVER do, especially without assistance (which is why we’re there).
4. We will stay out until the bar closes down and then go have a really greasy breakfast.

Our job, should we accept it, is to be sure she doesn’t crack her head open, flirt with the wrong person, or stumble out into traffic. All in all it’s pretty hilarious.

Needless to say, we roll on home at about 4am. I was the designated driver, and good thing too, since T was as wasted as our friend (an extremely rare occurence!). But here is where it gets a little ugly: We had to be in Seattle for mother’s day brunch at 11am. Which means we needed to leave at 8am. Which means I only got 3+ hours of sleep. Which means I am SO FUCKING tired it’s not even funny. I even took a nap in the car on the way up, and a nap after brunch, and I’m still tired.

But it was still a good weeked. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in my life!