Yes there are monkeys in Brazil.

But when I think about monkeys, the ones I’ve seen so far are not the ones I think of. When I think of monkeys I think of chimpanzees, 3 foot high little mountains of mischief and masters of kung foo poo-flinging. They can go from adorably cute little 3 year old-like humans to vicious beasts who will keeeeelyouuuuuuuu faster than a lucky turkey on thanksgiving.

But these are not the monkeys I’ve seen. Well, yet. There’s still a few months to go, and I’m not taking anything for granted.

The monkeys I’ve seen are Capuchin monkeys. In one word: ADORBS. Check it:

Still, I solemnly and with full knowledge of my total and complete lack of objectiveness, find my nephews just a tad bit cuter. Witness:

Stay tuned for further tales of fabulous Brazil! Like how I went to an MMA workout one night in the middle of a crazy scary part of town 8 blocks from where I live and had a fabulous workout that kicked my ass where I had to hold a tire above my head while blocking blows with my legs, and then had a very mellow capoeira class the next day that kicked my ass even more.


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