Liquid Sunshine

Rain.  Sun.  Spring.  Portland.

I am deeply, madly in love with this moment, with this place, with the people in it and the hope they create.

I know this is my true home.  I know, because a simple sunbreak, standing on MLK Blvd, makes my heart swell with joy and love for a place, for a name on a map.  A name that is more than the sum of its letters, much like the place is more than the sum of its residents.

Portland.  A place full of possibilities.

I love this place.


  1. CamiKaos says:

    that liquid sunshine… that beautiful sense of pride for this place. It’s one of the reasons I stayed here. I love Portland too.

  2. Aaron says:

    The randomness of Portland spring is fun.

    You can have that sunbreak on MLK, while one block over on Grand Avenue it’s pouring with rain 🙂