How I Spent My Winter Internme…err Vacation

Hiro in NYC

Hiro in NYC

One bonus to the last week and a half or so of SNOWPOCALYPSE 2008!!! is that I’ve finally had the time to grind through the entire first, second and nearly third season of Heroes.   Here are a couple thoughts I have on the show:

  1. The first season was awesome.  Totally sucked me in.  The sucking noises could be heard halfway down the street, I’m sure.
  2. My favorite hero?  Hiro.  Except seriously, he needs to learn to block that nose punch to the face!  How many times has he gotten hit, 5 times? 6? 
  3. Season three was starting to lose me, until the main characters really started to polarize as good/bad (or misguided).   It was just starting to feel like the storyline was starting to fracture and lose focus, so the clear polarization really helped. 
  4. Quit messing with my head about Sylar!  Bad guy?   Good guy?   Bad guy?   Bad guy with reform potential?   Misled good guy?  Bad guy again?  Or just really really really really confused guy with waaaaay too much power and a hunger he can’t control?  Keeps me guessing, I suppose. 
  5. If I Were a Hero – If I had to pick an ability, I’d probably go with Daphne’s speedster abilities.  Straightforward and useful.  I’d never have to be stuck in traffic again, could go anywhere in the world in moments…think of the gas savings alone!  And the moral dilemmas of an ability like that would be minimal and straightforward as well.  Unlike unraveling time and space – too complicated.  And being able to absorb other abilities…how confusing and overwhelming would that get after a while?  Yikes.  The whole not-dying ala Claire thing though, that would be very cool too.
  6. One thing I want to ask @greggrunberg:  omg did you really have to wake up with a live scorpion on your head?  Dude!  That would have me in a state of panic unsurmountable. 

I’m hoping my streaming allotment from Netflix is enough to get me through the rest of season 3.  Then it’s off to catch up on the last season of Battlestar Galactica just in time for the final episodes… <insert crazed speculation re: last Cylon here>


  1. eleanore wieland says:

    Heroes is one of the only television shows on that I enjoy, but I have fallen way behind… perhaps I will have a Herothon of my own and catch up. Sounds like fun!

  2. You will need a double cipher, buck rogers decoder matrix to develop gogalong ong the uptag.

    I was the elderly computer nerd to your right. If you would have had your nose unstuck from your H/P screen I would have dazzled you with my bull pucky, but as it was I had to dish it out to the long suffering soul to my right and across the table. See ya on the go around. Lauren

  3. djtv says:

    Last night I took on the 10 episodes of Heroes (I thought it was 5, then I recounted) that I had left. I’m not sure why, but it was the one series I had recorded that I didn’t have a big desire to finish. You’re right, I loved season one. Have just gotten to the episodes where they start to polarize again, and I’m more excited to watch it now. Was about to just hit ‘delete’ on all of them.