New Puppy!!!!!!

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You know your house was meant to have a dog in it at all times when you and your partner are standing in the kitchen chatting while eating chips, and a piece of chip falls on the floor, and you’re suddenly all sad because there’s no one there to barkcuum it up!~

So we got a new puppy! We got her from a family who decided to breed their Blue Heeler female to an Australian Shepherd male (apparently a quite popular “Aussie Mix”) so her family could witness the miracle of birth in their very own backyard. It was a big backyard with a horse in it – lots of room for young puppies to get into all sorts of mischief!

We had read up on how to pick a dog, which included some info on picking a good puppy out of a litter. According to our little book, the best puppies are usually the ones in the middle of the pack…not the most dominant, or the most shy; confident, curious and unafraid when picked up, and continues to be so as you walk away from the litter. It also mentioned that if you were looking for a good fetcher, look for the one that always has some toy in its mouth. So we spent an hour watching the litter play. It was a tough choice, there were lots of great little dogs-in-training to be had there, but we finally settled on a little girl with a naturally short tail (good for not wiping things off tables), who was only outdone in her toy aptitude by her mom. She endured play attacks by her littermates with grace, and was happy to deal it out as well, however stopped short when the attackee made it clear it wasn’t fun anymore, and went in pursuit of a dastardly stick instead. So say hello to our newest addition, Jessie!


  1. Mark says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to the household! We’re really looking forward to meeting the little girl and throwing a stick for her. Then throwing it again. And again…

    A friend of ours has an Aussie mix and he says she would run and fetch (not to mention chase flocking birds) until her last breath if he let her. What a great personality trait for a family dog!

    We love you ladies and hope you had fun in Mexico despite the unpleasantness before the trip.

    Jasper is gone, long live Jessie!

  2. eddie says:

    What a cute puppy – you are right, world’s cutest little girl! Although our Beagle is a close second… 😉