You must do as you’re told!

I’ve always had a problem doing what I’m told. I much prefer having suggestions presented to me, so I can analyze the options, and then decide for myself if that’s the best choice. UNFORTUNATELY…that’s not really what work is about. I’ve tried really really hard to get myself into a position where I can do things that way, and I’ve gotten sorta close. But there are times when I just need to do what I’m told, turn off my brain, and just do it. If I leave my brain on, I will resist. I can’t help it. If you want me to do stuff your way with my brain on, you must get me to “buy in” to your way of doing it, which means you must explain it to me before I will budge, and realize that I may disagree. (I might still agree to do it your way, but I’ll have to make sure you understand that I disagree with your approach). If you want me to just do it your way with no explanation, then I need to turn my brain off. And I mean OFF. Little tasks for me to complete with really no skill whatsoever. Which means you now have the headache of splitting up the big task into tiny little baby steps. Haha! Much better to let me do it in a way that we both agree is the best.

I’m starting to realize that this is true outside of work too.