The start of the blahs.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been feeling a bit unmotivated about posting as of late. However, it seems to have permeated every facet of my life the past few weeks. I don’t seem to be motivated to do much of anything. It’s been bothering me quite a bit – I don’t see myself as the kind of person who sits around all day long watching TV or playing on the computer. But that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, and I hate it. I don’t mind being a couch potato for part of the day. But all day? That’s just not ok in my book, and yet that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Meanwhile my garage project is still unfinished, there’s shopping to be done, trees to buy, presents to wrap, lights to hang…the list goes on and on, especially with the holidays coming up fast.

So I think I finally figured out what’s going on: I have started experiencing the winter blahs. Yes, I know it’s still fall. There’s no snow. It still hits the mid-50s during the day. The sun still shines occasionally. However, it still feels like winter is standing right over my shoulder, towering over me in a most threatening manner. The leaves are all gone, and it’s dang chilly at night. Times like these, I wonder if my mental well-being would be more suited to a locale which experiences more sunshine than rain, more heat than cold. Like…Mexico. Then I can run around with a jacket on when it’s 70 degrees in the wintertime and say “My it’s so cold today!!” and smile, just like the locals. I’ll get nice and tan. I won’t own a car. I’ll eat lots and lots of huevos rancheros, and go horseback riding. I’ll have picked up enough Spanish to get by in about a month, and I’ll be fluent in six. I’ll open up a little computer school, and teach basic computer skills and web development and stuff like that. I’ll buy myself a little villa, with a cook and a maid, and I’ll pay them decent wages, and I’ll have heated tile in the bathroom.


Thanks for coming along on my little dreamboat trip. I feel a smidgen better.


  1. LJ says:

    Go for it – there are definate times I wish I could move to a ‘simpler’ place and time and life. Alas that is not my life and I’m not complaining too loudly 🙂