The cost of parenthood

My fertility doctor has prescribed a new drug to deal with my seeming lack of ovulation. It’s called Femara, and it was originally developed to help women with breast cancer. How they figured out this side effect, I dunno. I’m supposed to take it on days 3-7 of my cycle. So, I run to the pharmacy near my house to pick up the prescription…and find out it costs 60 bucks plus. I open the bag and take out the pill container, and see five tiiiiiiny little green pills. We’re talking smaller than those mini altoids. Tic tac size, except round. BB gun pellet size, if it’s a bigger one. Some quick calculations in my head, and I figure out that each one of these little guys is over 12 dollars.


Imagine if my life depended on this stuff.


  1. LJ says:

    I have actually read how they discovered the side effect and happily it’s ok. I personally know one gal who got pregnant while fighting cancer, gave her a new lease on life – literally. I have also read other stories about the miracle of life while fighting for your own.