Had a great time camping this weekend with the usual hardcore campers. We were at a now-secret location which I will not divulge here, so as few people as possible can know about it, just friends and family. So if you want a free site which is beautiful and has a stream with double waterfalls you could fall right into from the door of your tent, then let the suckin up begin!

It was absolutely beautiful.

I didn’t take any pictures. This time. But I’ll be back for sure!

Did I mention that there where about 5 campsites, all free, in this one area? And it’s in the middle of NOWHERE with a managed outhouse? (Hey it’s better than squattin in the woods sometimes!) It’s the perfect party camping spot!

I shoulda took pictures. ><


  1. Mark says:

    OK. Consider me sucking up! Please share your super secret location by inviting us along next time!

    We went to Fort Flagler State Park this last weekend for Sandee’s Tribe’s Powow. She’s a member of the Snohomish Tribe of Indians. Loads of fun. Met a lot of other tribe members, went paddling in the 25 foot canoe that one member built. Seriously considering joining him for his weekly paddles around Puget Sound. Not exactly Dragon Boat Racing, but it would be good for me!

    Hope to see you two soon!

  2. Morgan says:

    You are SO on the list of people who should come with us! I’m sort of tentatively planning a trip back, perhaps in the springtime. It’s sort of hard to access – I think the roads to it are closed in the winter, and not very vehicle friendly, so it’s almost strictly tent camping. But we really really wanna go winter camping with you guys! Let us know when your next outing is so we can coordinate 😀