Transition – Prologue

I wrote a short story for a writing class I took at a local college a couple years ago. It was during one of those times where my life was kind of in a holding pattern; I was in an ok place but it was a tenuous situation, and I was waiting for the next big piano to drop. Anyway, I once again toyed with the idea of finally getting my bachelor’s degree, and I took the required math and writing course as a start. That’s also where it ended, but that’s not the point…the point is the story. I have this weird illness that forces me to do things the hard way when they really matter to me. So, instead of testing out of these classes, I decided that I needed the refresher on basic writing and algebra. I was later asked by both instructors why I was in the class, why I hadn’t tested out, and I informed them of my illness-to which they shrugged and said “ok, whatever…here’s your A.”

So the story. I don’t even remember the assignment…something about invoking emotion I think, but I could be totally wrong. But I thought, as did the several people who read it, that it was good.

So I’m gonna post it here, in two parts. Stay tuned…