My dog is too sexy for Wil Wheaton

There I was, just standing there, minding my own business.

Well ok.  There I was, just standing there wondering if I should have someone take my picture with Wil Wheaton.  I was leaning towards no, because I’m just not the fangrrl type most of the time.  I don’t take pics, I don’t ask for autographs, unless it’s like a book signing or something.  I figure it’s kind of an invasion of privacy, and while it’s one that celebrities are accustomed to and expect, I don’t like to add to it.

But then, the coolest thing happened.  Because my dog is so freakin adorable.

Wil turns to me and says “Hey, you mind if I pet your dog?”

“Sure!!” (I mean, what else was I gonna say?  “Sorry, Wil, my cute adorable friendly dog does not want to be petted by some crazy celebrity writer guy.  Move along now, move along.”)

Poor pup though…she was already a little spooked by the Umbrella Guy statue.  She eyeballed him but good.  So when I got her to sit, and Wil started talking to her and telling her what a good girl she was, and patted her little head, she just ignored him.


Cuz my dog’s too sexy for Wil Wheaton…so sexy oh yeah!

Thanks again Wil for coming out and saying hi to all your adoring geeky fans!  Portland loves you.

Wil who?  ::yawn::

Wil who? ::yawn:: (thanks to @bmw for snapping this pic!)

Anatomy of a geek

I am such a geek.  Seriously, today in particular, I am overwhelmed with the extent of my geekiness.  Luckily, there was a split in the space time continuum and my particular particles got sucked into the alternative universe where being a geek is so tres chic.

(Hey!  I did a little rhyme there!  See that?  I’m a creative geek.)

Here’s the latest things that make my pocket protectors shudder with pleasure me so very cool:

  1. I bought the new iPhone.  When I already have an iPhone.  I squee’ed so hard when it came out it pretty much cemented my geekdom for the next millennium.  And, I got the discount pricing even though I already am an AT&T customer, because I was due for my bi-yearly phone upgrade.  Why did I buy an iPhone?  Um, improved VGA video recording camera? Push notification?  Photo and video geotagging?  Digital compass?  Improved battery life?  Faster downloads and web browsing?  Not to mention I still have the first generation, so no 3G for me yet.  I’d like some REAL (assisted) GPS, thankyouverymuch.  Call me spoiled, call me demanding…yes I am.
  2. This is my new favorite blog.  It makes me feel very, very smart.   Mostly, because I am.  But it helps me be more smart.  Er.  Smarter.
  3. Speaking of smart, this is my new favorite show.  It’s full of very smart people doing very cool things.  Plus, they’re hot.  In fact, I’ve decided my ideal woman is a cross between Emily Deschanel as Temperance Brennan and Sandra Bullock.   Quirky yet intelligent.  Rowwrrr.
  4. I’m having heart palpitations knowing that Wil Wheaton is in Portland.  Yes, Wil Wheaton.  OMG I KNOW!  Because of course all of Portland is palpitating right along with me.  Just check out Rick Turoczy’s fanboi blog post about him!  Everyone from KGW’s Live at 7 to OSBridge is clamoring for him to make an appearance so the legions of the pdx tech community can bask in the presence of the godfather of geekhood.
Phew.  That’s a whole lotta geek right there.