Numerology and the Birthdate.


You are imaginative and creative, but rather uncomfortable in the business world.You are very aware and sensitive, with outstanding intuitive skills and analytical abilities.The 29 reduces to 11, one of the master numbers which often produces much nervous tension.This is the birthday of the dreamer rather than the doer.You do, however, work very well with people.

Your Birthdate: November 29

Your birthday on the 29th adds a tone of idealism to your nature.


Well after much running around and dealing with strange people, I have a new car!

That's one sweet ride!

Out with the old, in with the new...

(yay) The ironic thing is that we were really looking for a good deal, and thought that the best chance for a good deal was from a private party. Well, we were wrong. On a whim, we went to the dealer where I bought my current car, after driving everywhere from Salem to Longview to look at private owner cars. The last guy was really strange – he would drone on and on and on when I spoke with him over the phone, and it wasn’t much better in person. It just so happened that he was just down the street a couple miles from this particular car dealer, so after that somewhat untasteful experience we said what the heck. I ended up getting just as good a deal or better from the car dealer, and I was able to trade in my Honda for close to what I was hoping to get, and I didn’t have to worry about the logistics of title/money transfers.

Image Destruction

Somewhere along the road, I seem to recall being told that while I did spend the first part of my childhood living in Queens, I was born in a hospital in Brooklyn called Boulevard Hospital which was no longer in business. Apparently this is a complete falsehood! Imagine my chagrin when I found out that I was not born in Brooklyn, but in Queens where my parents already lived! (Really that does make more sense when you think about it, but I never did.) A tiny, probably somewhat unimportant misconception, but I based a full half of my entire subtitle of this blog on that fact! Somehow, “born in Queens, living in the ‘Couv” doesn’t roll of the tongue quite as nicely. And now I can no longer say “That’s where I’m from!” when someone gets a strike on the “wrong” or “Brooklyn” side anymore! (for those of you that don’t know, that’s a bowling term. Yes, I bowl. Don’t hate me for my 136 average… /duck)


So you can see how a tiny portion of my self-image has been shattered. However will I go on??

Somehow I think I may be able to put this behind me. I bet a trip to Coldstone would do the trick…

And this, dear readers, is where you come in. Now don’t disappoint me! I need some suggestions on a new subtitle for my blog. Let the ideas flow…

Early Mornings of a Northwest Night Owl continued…

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So, to continue. In all honesty, yesterday I was going to say that it just might…MIGHT… be possible that getting up early like that could be ok. But that was yesterday. These early mornings are starting to wear me down. I’m plain exhausted today, despite getting nearly 8 hours of sleep. And it’s more than just the early mornings…it’s the commuting. Having to commute back and forth through rush hour traffic almost every day seems to create a subtle shift in my quality of life. Before this move, I could go home for lunch if I wanted and relax on my back deck. If I wasn’t feeling well I could go home without affecting the work schedule of 2-3 other people as well.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s not so much the traffic and commute time, but the fact that I am no longer free to come and go as I please; I have to consider at least two other people as well. And that’s on the weeks when I’m driving. The other weeks, I’m essentially trapped at work.

But what’s the alternative? Spending probably a third more time in traffic, and a lot more money in gas. Considering my reduced income thanks to the taxes I now have to pay, the gas savings helps. So I don’t know…there’s pros and cons to this whole situation, and things need to settle for a bit before I can tell how much this will affect things. But until then, I’m freakin’ tired!

Early Mornings of a Northwest Night Owl

So, now my job has moved. I used to work in a nice mellow small office, a state away (well, 12 miles) from Headquarters, 2 miles from my house, where I could waltz in anytime between 8 and 9ish. From the moment I left work in the afternoons to the moment I walked in my house, never topped 5 minutes, unless I had errands to run.

But now that is ALL different. The powers that be decided that I should increase my commute time by an hour on average, take a 10% pay cut due to the fact that I now have to pay state taxes to a state I don’t live in and increase my stress level exponentially – and all for the good of the agency. Phooey I say!

Well, in defense of this, me and my fellow movees decided to form a carpool to battle the insane cost of gas and other increased transportation costs. All well and good, you say. Riiiiight. The problem is these fine people decided that they want to leave – LEAVE – for work at 6:45. AM. In the morning.


Now remember, I’m used to waking up around 7-7:30 at the earliest. And they want to leave BEFORE that. What planet are they from? I’m a night owl! I’m used to staying up until midnight, fiddling with this and poking at that, until I can no longer keep my eyes open. This is normal. Waking up at 5am is NOT.

So now it’s been two days of waking up early.

And crap now they’re all looking over my shoulder. So I’ll comment on my opinions of waking up early tomorrow….