During the first month in Brazil, I’ve been merrily writing away about whatever suited my fancy – everything from cute monkeys and crazy keys and phone booths to sad and happy dogs and lovely beaches and everything in between.  Last week, however, it dawned on me as I was pondering my next subjects that I ought to ask The Peoples (done in my best Zorro accent) what they’re interested in hearing about.  So I asked on the Facebooks what they’d like to hear.  And while there were some requests for more information about the apparent attempt to overthrow the government by the street dogs or whether or not they have probably one of the oldest female DJs in the world in Rio (They do!), the near-deafening roar was for more information about: Food.

(Incidentally, if you’re curious about other stuff, like local sports or beer or poverty, please let me know in the comments!)

Today I had this for lunch:
[ngg_images image_ids=’208′ display_type=’photocrati-nextgen_basic_singlepic’ flash_watermark_logo=’1’]

That is caldo de cana (sugar cane juice) and a coxinha, a pastry made out of wheat flour filled with shredded chicken. Caldo de cana is one of my favorite things I’ve consumed here. It’s basically the juice squeezed out of a sugar cane and ice. Or as I like to call it, what sugar water would taste like if sugar water tasted like it was good for you. The coxinha is tasty too, if a little dry on the inside. There’s no sauce or anything, it’s just plain chicken as far as I can tell, but the outside it a tasty bread pastry that reminds me a little of stuffing, and is quite moist.

Here’s a video of the vendor making my caldo:


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