Vampires. I haz them.

Apparently I’ve invited vampires into my life.  Not the blood sucking, Nosferatu-ian undead creepy kind, but the time sucking, caffeine-endorsed kind.  And not just invited, but welcomed, sat on the couch and chit chatted, made them tea and crumpets, handed over my calendar, and flirted with their buddy Mental Overload.

Yeah, I’m busy.  I keep telling people that, and they give me the “right, sure, you’re ‘busy’…” look.  The look I give to people when they say they’re really busy.  The look that says you really ought to learn to say no.

Look, I have no problem saying no.  No problem at all.  My problem is I’ve already said no to everything I don’t really want to do, or that I feel doesn’t need me.  What’s left is all the stuff that I don’t want to say no to, or simply can’t.  And that really really sucks, because, well,  I don’t want to say no to all this stuff.  I’m pretty spoiled, you know.  I usually get what I want if I have any control over it.  And all this stuff is all stuff I want to do.

I just thought you all should know, for the record, that when I say I’m busy…I really really mean it.  Especially this month.  This month is a perfect storm of busy.

But I will always have time for you, interwebs.  You and a select few…I will always have time for you.