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I have lots of memories of my hometown. I find myself always wishing I could spend some time and write them all down so I don’t forget them. Do you ever remember a memory that you had forgotten about for years? Yeah, that happens sometimes. I’ve tried several avenues of ‘self-preservation’, so to speak, such as scrapbooks and journals and photo albums, but none of them have held a long-term attraction for me. But I seem to like this blog thing…so maybe that’s the ticket! So without further ado, here is the first installment of Morgan’s Memories.

Edition one: New York State of Mind
Yep I was born in the Empire State. The Big Apple. When I think of the time I spent living there, the first memory that always pops….well make that the first two….err…well, the first memories of my hometown are:

Eating mulberries off the bushes across the street from our apartment building. Boy were they good.

Learning to ride a bike at my friend’s house around the corner. See, they lived in these townhouse type things, with the garage on the first floor accessible from the back. So every townhouse contained two apartments, with two garage doors in the back. And between these townhouses were ramps that led to the back of the house. So, I would start at the top of one ramp, coast down (all on my friend’s bike, which I borrowed) make the turn to the left onto the road that was behind all of these houses, and then make the second turn up the next ramp, pedaling all the way. I found it’s a lot easier to balance on a bike when you’re moving fast, than if you have to get up to speed by pedaling…And then there was the time that I missed the second turn, and launched headfirst into one of the garage doors. Boy did I laugh…after the stars went away.

Going for a walk in the park across the street with my mom and my baby brother, and getting mugged by a bunch of first graders with broken beer bottles trying to steal my bike, and having the super’s wife chase ’em away with a broom handle.

Getting caught in a torrential downpour with my dad in the parking lot of our apartment, and having that be the absolute worst thing I’d ever experienced. (Might explain my vague discomfort with water…)

Wow. Once you get started, they just keep coming and coming…

One last one: I used to imagine that I had the power to know the future, and could predict what total strangers would do as I passed them by. This is a really vague one…I don’t remember it very well, so I must’ve been really young…but I would try to predict what someone would do while they were in my immediate vicinity. Such as predicting whether a car would park in that empty spot or continue down the road. Weird huh?

Ok for real, the last one. I was playing soccer with my dad in the park across the street (lots happened in that park….oh damn! more memories arising!!) and I had my very first (and last) asthma attack. At least that’s what I thought it was. Short of breath and all. I had to go to the emergency room, and they shot me up full of something and that fixed it right up.

One last thought… Italian ice lady! mmmmmm yummy!

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